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Şirnea Ethnographic Museum

Ethnographic Museum "Nicolae Frunteş", Şirnea: Ethnography, The legend of Bran, The Olympism, Modern art gallery

To visit on request between the hours 10-17.

The Legend of Bran by Ion Duicu

  • Tradition and Culture
  • ISBN: 978-606-8582-06-1
  • Romania, Transylvania, Ethnography, Mythology, Bran, Legends, Carpathian Mountains, Folklore

An Epic Poem, Collected, Written, and Illustrated by Ion Duicu

With details from the author’s original journal.

Ion Duicu wrote this 2578-verse epic poem after hearing the legend of Bran from his father and great-grandfather who were shepherds in the Bran area. He brought the story to life also with detailed illustrations, paintings, and sculptures, all to be found in this book, together with excerpts from his original journal entries.

During the times of the Getae (the original inhabitants of present-day Romania dating back to the 5th and 3rd centuries BC), in the Bucegi Mountains, there was a famous shepherd elder called Bran-da-Bur. He was the eldest brother of the Bran kin and the one who would task his nine younger brothers to go down from their home on Bucegi Mountain and settle the lands that would become known as Bran. Bran-da-Bur’s and his brothers’ actions thus closely resemble the founding stories of the peoples of old.

Ion Duicu’s collection of sculptures and paintings illustrating The Legend of Bran are to be found at the Ethnographic Museum „Nicolae Frunteş“ in the village of Şirnea, Bran.

„I would very much like for the Brăneni to know that Omul (‚The Man’–the name of the highest peak of Bucegi Mountain) was their ancestor. Twenty-five years after collecting impressions from The Land of Bran, the dissemination of the ‚Legend of Bran’ is now happening”.

Ion Duicu, from his journal

„I am overwhelmed by the beauty of this region: the rocks, the pebbles, the trees, they speak to and through me. They are the ones responsible, and they are the ones to be‚ Praised’.… “.

Ion Duicu, from his journal

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